Clock System

Clock System

The synchronization of time is of utmost importance in all the major industries of the world. Flight schedules in airports, scheduled surgeries in hospitals and commencement of classes in schools and universities all depend on the accuracy of time. Smart Technology Systems understands the unique need to keep time as accurate as is possible at all times. Smart Technology Systems are an up-and-coming global leader in this industry and have helped different business owners across the world to setup and manage their clock systems.The beauty about the clock systems that Smart Technology Systems installs is that the synchronization of time is updated by the organization’s own network. We will work hand-in-hand with the company’s network administrator showing them how to operate and control the clocks from their PC connected to the organization’s network. In case of power outages you never have to worry about the time it will take to re-synchronize all the clocks because PoE devices will continue operating all thanks to the use of centralized UPS backup.Who should work with us?Anyone who has experienced inefficiencies in their time and it is affecting your business negatively.What we do for your businessWe offer the highest quality, cost-effective clock systems which deliver accurate time solutions for computers, clocks and networks across every industry. The clock systems that we provide can all be linked to GPS systems which aid in the synchronization of all clocks in the network and at respective workstations. The services we offer include:

  • Time and attendance software integration
  • Installation of time clock hardware

Whatever your needs may be we have solutions that will benefit your business.

Why you should work with us

Our Smart Technology Systems team is not only a leader in the time industry but is also passionate about the work it does. We value our clients and their business. Smart Technology Systems endeavors to operate on a solid set of business principles hallmarked by a standard of excellence and integrity as the backbone of all our work.

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